Monday, 30 August 2010

Crafter's block (with copious whining)

It's been way too long since I last wrote anything here, almost a whole year. After starting work as a postman I soon found myself too exhausted with work and all the classes I took last autumn that I simply didn't find time or energy to write anything. Besides scrapbooking and sewing classes I hardly had time or energy to do any crafting at all. Even though I left the job at Itella last spring, I sort of haven't managed to find the joy of crafting again. This massive crafter's block is starting to worry me. Even the surefire way of getting new supplies (always a real joy) hasn't been helping much.

It's not like I didn't have anything to do. On the contrary, I hardly know where to start (which actually might be part of the problem). I've loads and loads of pictures that need to be gone through, sorted and processed: friend's graduation, our wedding, a trip to Italy, my sister's confirmation party, a friend's wedding and bachelorette party... Then I have two throws in progress (have been for several years...), several sewing projects and people just keep having birthdays and other parties that require cards. Although I still like crafting (or I think I do?), I seem to be postponing it until last minute. I'm sort of drifting into becoming a real couch potato (well, I prefer armchair to sofa and reading to TV, but still...). And I'm not really happy with this. There's so much I'd like to do, if only I got started. I think I might need extra hours to my day.

Lately I've been thinking of getting rid of some of my stash. I just finished cleaning my desk (and the floor and the bookcase...) and the amount of stash just started to feel uncomfortable. My paper crafting has shifted almost exclusively from cards to scrapbooking, so I've found myself contemplating on selling some of the cardmaking stuff. But, being the materialist I am, I tend to cling on the oh-so-familiar mantra "But it's possible I might perhaps need it someday for something", so I'm torn between decluttering and "saving money" (I guess I'm afraid I end up buying the same stuff back at some point). Maybe if I just got one big box and threw all the stuff I don't feel like using enough in there and shove it in a closet or something. But I guess I have to face: I can't keep storing everything I might need as my patience with the ever-increasing amount of stuff seems to be ending.

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